What You Can Do

You may be wondering what you can do to help out. In terms of immediate help, donating fresh fruits and vegetables to your local food pantry is an awesome idea. There’s always an opportunity to give, and very often do food pantries have too much of what they need. In that same token, making food runs is another extremely helpful way to get involved, as transporting donated food items from point A to point B can be greatly appreciated.  

When thinking of organizations, Common Good City Farm is a great one. They’re located in D.C. and work to “create a vibrant, informed, and well-nourished community through urban farming”. Volunteering there or at a number of other hunger-based organizations would be a great place to start.

As far as what I’ve recently accomplished, I participated in a food run over Thanksgiving with my family. We delivered food from a Whole Foods to a Project Return location, as well as the Gillespie Center. Project Return serves homeless women aged 18-24 in learning the “life skills necessary to secure sustainable housing and live independent lives”, while the Gillespie Center is a homeless shelter for single men. Both destinations are located in Westport, CT and are sponsored by the Homes for Hope organization.

Ultimately, hunger has become an increasingly bigger problem in Washington D.C. and America, and it’s up to us to begin to make a change. Whether that’s starting small or large, any action helps. Thank you all for reading.


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