Here We Go

Hello Readers!

My name is Zach Nevas, and the topic that I’ll be covering on this site is the issue of hunger in our nation. Hunger is a problem that often affects so many more people and places than we realize. Whether it’s a state, town, or even neighbor next door, we never truly know hunger’s reach. The purpose of this blog is to educate you on both the issues that Washington D.C. and America as a whole face when it comes to dealing with hunger, as well as the active steps that I’m taking to help the cause.

Through a combination of research, interviews, and physical volunteering, my goal is to  raise as much awareness and help out as much as possible in the fight against hunger. In doing so, I hope that I’ll be able to inspire you to do the same, and provide you with a number of different organizations to take your first step. Although the hunger problem in America is vast, I believe that it’s not beyond our reach to begin to and succeed in tackling it.

It’s important to realize that like any issue, hunger in America is ever changing, both in the degree of its effects and location. Due to this fact, you’ll be routinely updated on any new information that I come across from news outlets, journal articles, and any other source.

Throughout these posts, let me know of any questions or comments you have, as I’d be happy to look into and answer them for you. Part of my objective is to fill you in on a variety of aspects of hunger in our country, so don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to the many days and weeks to come delving into this matter.

Let’s get started!



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